Chocolate Drops

Choose or create your favorite chocolates

Our customized chocolates come in a variety of flavors and fillers. you can choose from our 8 most popular chocolate products and create your own box. Just pick a type or chocolate, choose a mold, and pick your quantity and you're ready to go!
  1. 0
    Chewy Dark Chocolate
    Choose between Milk, White, or Dark chocolate molded in one of our formal designs made chewy for that special someone.
  2. 2
    Truffle Chocolates
    For the love of Truffles! Turn any chocolate into a box of Truffles for your special occasion.
  3. 2
    Orange cream
    Homemade Orange cream nestled inside a beautifully sculpted milk chocolate candy with cream drizzle.
  4. 3
    Rum/ Tequila Spiced
    Spice up your life with a little Spiced Rum or Spiked Tequila infused chocolate candy.
  5. 4
    Jack of All Trades
    This delectable Jack Daniels infused chocolate can be a hit for any occasion.
  6. 6
    Mommy's Day Out
    Perfectly nestled wine infused dark or milk chocolate perfect while relaxing after a hard day of mommy work!
  7. 6
    Candy infused chocolates that melt in your mouth with a burst of juicy flavor.
  8. 7
    Create your own combination of flavors to fill the inside of your chocolate dessert.

Create Chocolate Intials w/ Stands!