Delight in chewy delicousness!

Choose your favorite way to chew!
Create the perfect candy to chew on for any occassion. Fruity, Juicy, Creamy we have something to tickle every taste bud!
  1. 0
    Fruit Chews
    Savor your favorite fruity flavors into fruit chews! Many fruits to choose from.
  2. 1
    Juicy Chews
    Chewy with a juicy river of sweetness on the inside! Bite into a river of fun!
  3. 2
    Pucker-Up Chews
    Pucker up and smile! Spicy/ Tart chews to spice up your day!
  4. 3
    Sweet n Sour
    Some like it Sweet some like it Sour, why not mix both! Pucker up with this Sweet n Sour Selection
  5. 4
    Infused Chews
    Turn your Choo's into Chews with this Alcohol infused Chewy candy selection.
  6. 5
    Chew on This
    Add your favorite chew to the center or a hard candy flavor to create some crunchy fun!